“Desire gives a sense of selfishness or lust at its face value” ,

“Dream seems whimsical or unobtainable and naive”.

Sometimes both words sounds similar but they are not , there is a vast difference between them, our dreams implies desires but desire not dreams, desires has totally vague definition just like love but a most appropriate “. Desires means have to endure i.e. it always brings unruly vicious behavior like grief, lust, anger, extortion, insubordination, pain{no gain without pain}, dissension in relations, damage to nature, etc, all this list appears non duly but it is true, whereas dreams is what that made you to swallow all the above mentioned, when our desires start dominating our mind then definitely our hard work will  being vain and dreams will remains unnurtured {that what our brain did}. “Our dreams is the father of our desires but father has another way and daughter has another way but daughter still incomplete without father.

Your desires are what you dreamed of!

when we focused towards our dreams the so-called desires converted to be our path seeker, but this dreams accord us the existing desires, so they seems similar but difference is ahead.


Each one is like a round pegs in the square hole against adversity ,things belonging adversity is the most hated, and the difficulties is what that trivialized the life,but we should be aware of “EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING” that means be optimistic, life is a circle of happiness , sadness ,hard times and if you are going through the hard times have faith good times are on the way! This idiom is a source of unflinching determination to experience thrilling perplexed journey, our difficulties should be like our challenge don’t expect it as a piece of cake, of course we deserve happiness but happiness is just a arc of the life circle rest of the circle has completed through our hard times, our difficulties , our emotional disbalance if you ran, difficulties will chase so its better to stay and face ,

In preference to above idiom I am sharing a story, the story is all about a boy and his struggle , his emotional mixing and his optimistic vision. Jack now just turned to fifteen and still struggling for some bunch of happiness from past 5 years at the age of  ten he was utterly bereft when he lost his mother, staying in orphanage he just spent 5 years anyhow and now he ran of the orphanage, now he will gonna to face the real world after searching job whole day he was just fall asleep beside roads of without having eaten something he can felt it but nothing was in hand, it was midnight when a drunken driver pass his car over his leg as a speed breaker, he was screaming, mourning in pain besides the road but no one listen up and he is not in the condition to reach hospital and remained unconscious and flopping like Ragdoll when he brought to the hospital in morning he is treated as a formality actually all his bones like Fibula, Tibia, Navicular bone, Cuneiform bones and all tendons, ligaments everything was badly damaged, now he was in abled category he was discharged with having some normal plasters, he was in unbearable pain but he was doing because he had no choice, because running from orphanage was his choice, now anyhow he spent 3 months in streets by begging and stealing now he is walking with the help of stick but still the pain left him with tears, now people had no sympathy for him anymore because he is all fine according to them now he have to face the hunger, its the fourth day and he is still hungry and lying unconscious side of the street , a kind hearted men passing by the street and he watched the condition of the guy and take him to his home with himself, now he started a special care for him fruits , juices, healthy foods, now that skinny, thin guy becomes 18 years, finally the day come Mr. Thomso spilled the own beans, that is he want the kidney from Jack as his one kidney was completely damaged and the other was soon going to damage this was like a bitter pill to Jack afterall he had no choice, finally both were in the hospital, where doctor did checkup of Jack he is all okay and the procedure of operation has started and finally successfull but at last doctor share a information to Mr. Thomso that swept rug from under his feet that is Jack is his son, the son whom he left him when he born and after listening all the struggle of Jack , his tears is not stopping for what he did to him and now he did today, Mr.Thomso not able to face him but he gives his shares of his property, its hard for Jack to accept him after knowing reality but time fill the wounds , but again this happiness not for longer time at the age of 23 he failed his only kidney and said goodbye, but he had never downplayed his life after facing the worst situation because he knows


BEAUTY OF DEATH (fiction )

Anh! Look he is coming just few meteres away(talking about god of death) now he is more closer,
(but I m going to miss them my wife, my son, my grandsons they will cry for me and he is more closer to me .Is it right to left them crying ?

But I want to go with him(god of death) he take me to the new world, where only peace exist and nothing no drama, no trickery, conspirency for money, no crime, no polluted air breath,only a ecstatic life .

But how can I be so selfish??

how can I leave the most valuable memories of my life??

The first time when I saw Shashi her cute smile taken away my heart, my prposal on prposal for mairrage and her refugal giving a family issues but finally I did, hmm Shashi you made me gone through tough times afterall I won.

How can I forget our honeymoon, anh Shashi how dumb you were, your tantrums irritated me but again your smile put me down.

how can I forget when i heard Jai’s first cry, I had a gone mad hearing this news that i became father, one of the happiest moment of my life.

first time when he hold my finger,the first time he called me dad oh oho he killed me that day I flew over the sky , first time he start walking, first day he start going to school, first time when he won the school race, when he was leaving for hostels one of the toughest day don’t wabt to remember it, the day he got his first salary, the day he got married and finally my grandson Jai, once again Jai is in my lap,time had taken leap but now I had decided to go to another world that is most beautiful than this world, that is most peaceful than this but no beautiful memories like this world, no beautiful family like this world and this is my positive side but what about negative phase of my life how can I forget this too, how is responsible to have me in this situation, noneother than my own
I know Jai you and your wife don’t like to see me, I know you guys change my medicines, I know you guys dibelitate me , but I amn’t complaining you and I also know the reason Jai, I m a source of property for you otherwise I m not other than a cork for you and your mother the one who always lived for you, now she living for me otherwise she already said bye to this world.
Anyway you are my soul and I don’t want you to be unhappy so please keep smiling.
Anyway I have to go with him(god) because he inviting me and I can’t refuse and first time I m becoming selfish for myself and becoming again best dad after long time for you. PLEASE care your mother, I am worrying for her.
A final goodbye to everyone and thanks everyone for a wonderful life!!
Wait Wait(soul coming out)(said to god)
(stopped) with a beautiful smile and some tears in his eye.
Actually this life is taught us so many lessons but the feeling of death is irreplaceable that fear of losing your loved one, the excitement been to heaven,and the waiting for your soul to come out, the slowly, slowly, soul leaving the body that sign of relief appears on the persons face.
Exactly same the above story of uncle OM who is in just to be separate from his soul and all this thought process running in his mind, all his life is front of his eyes, and finally left with a smile…
That’s the life
It is a race
Not end till u face(your soul)..


For a better life experience three Attitude, Confidence, and Positivity is the important phase i.e.

The positivity reflects you, your confidence describes you and your attitude crowned and all together crowned you in a charming Prince.

Because the life journey is not that easy, but your self confidence made all the worse phase kneeled out. And I sometimes all this things seems bookish like self confidence, positivity, but a single experience remove all your misunderstanding.

The life is not all about the success but it is the what you learned from mistakes and what you experience from the one who know lot more than you, my personal suggestion and my hard experiences say that things and thoughts are not only the part of the book, but once you experience all the difficulties incinerate.

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